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rev james jim poole sj pedophile priest knom

Rev. James E. Poole SJ

rev james r poole sj

This page on the "Rev" James Poole is two-fold. One, to document Poole's depraved criminal actions and two, to expose Phil Jayhan's disinformation.

Phil Jayhan of the the internet forum entitled "Let's Roll" is saying that James Poole SJ and Alberto Rivera, ex-Jesuit Priest, are the same man. Thus attempting to discredit Alberto Rivera and many others who have promoted Alberto Rivera's excellent exposes' on the Vatican and Jesuits.

LINK to Phil Jayhan Forum .

One big reason why they look similar is because they are in almost the same exact position. Some of their features do look the same but some do not. Also, Alberto is a very short man. This will be very easy to prove that these two men are not the same person.

What is making me suspicious that Phil Jayhan is a disinfo agent now is the comments Phil is making in this particular thread. Let's take a look:

"But there is no doubt that Albert Rivera and James Poole are the same man." ~Phil Jayhan

Here Phil is trying to get his forum members to believe this:

"Digest quickly as much more data is on its way to your cerebral cortex..... 'What thou doest, do quickly!' (This is what Jesus said to Judas Iscariot right before Judas betrayed Him -TR) " cheers- phil jayhan " ~Link

Then Phil pulls another rabbit out of his hat with this next comment:

"So then, James Poole AND Alberto Rivero are both JESUITS, and BOTH pedophiles? What credibility then does anything, no matter how true, said by Alberto Rivero have any longer?" - Phil Jayhan

Phil Jayhan is either VERY stupid or he is some kind of agent. Take your pick.

Rev. James E. Poole SJ
DOB 18 May 1923  Ordination: 20 Jun 1953

IRISH Rev James "Jim" Poole SJ Founder of the first catholic Radio station in the United States, called KNOM. KNOM Radio station biography LINK

Recently accused of sexual child abuse. LINK the Actions Of Two Jesuits (Poole and Duffy) Contribute To The Bankruptcy Of The Archdiocese Of Portland.

"FATHER JIM RETIRES FROM KNOM - Associated with the Alaskan missions for fifty years, KNOM founder Fr. Jim Poole, SJ has decided, while he's still healthy,  to retire to his work in the Pacific Northwest. 

  Father Jim came to Alaska in 1948 as a Jesuit seminarian, working at the village mission of Holy Cross. He was ordained in 1952. Throughout his Alaskan missionary career, Father Jim has served as pastor for Alaska's most northerly parish at Barrow, as well as the villages of Mountain Village, Pilot Station and Marshall."  ~Source

Jim Poole SJ was also a Secretary of Nome, Alaska Rotery Club 1988    Jim Poole, SJ    Ministry - Catholic  ~Source

Another Picture of Rev James "Jim" Poole SJ ~Image Source ( Photo taken between 1963 and 1969.)

Below, another picture of Jim Poole SJ. Poole is now 85 years old and lives in an assisted living facility in Nebraska. Alberto would be 73 if he was alive.

Alberto Magno Romero Rivera
DOB 1935 - June 20 1997

SPANISH Ex- Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera. While IRISH James Poole was heading the biggest Catholic Radio Station in America and molesting children, Alberto was leading a high profile expose' against the Jesuits and the catholic Church.

You can see alot more pictures of Alberto if you scroll down below. Compare them side by side. They look alike but they're not the same person. For Phil to say they definitely are the same person is suspicious in my opinion.


New Unhived Mind thread on Phil Jayhan

Phil Jayhan now joins the ranks of other Alberto Rivera attackers. Such as Leo Zagami, and Gary Metz.

Alberto Rivera became very close with many staunch Jesuit and Vatican exposers. If Alberto remained a Jesuit he would have knocked off many of these men. Including Jim Arrabito, Jack Chick to name a few.

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Alberto Rivera

Jesuits Settle Claims by 110 Alaska Natives for $50M
November 16, 2007

This settlement resolved complaints against 12 priests, 2 deacons, and a brother, who sexually abused children in the remote native communities of northwestern Alaska. The victims alleged that their communities were used as dumping grounds, that Jesuit attitudes about native populations figured in the abuse, and that the Jesuits placed managerial conversations under the seal of the confessional to conceal their prior knowledge of the abuse. See articles about the communities and the Lundowski survivors with map and photos, Jesuit attitudes and the Poole survivors, Jesuit vs. native culture, the secrecy issue, the genesis and history of these cases, and the settlement with background and comments by survivors with photos.



Rev James Poole SJ

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More information on Alberto Rivera