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11/18/22 He's running again. Honestly, I didn't spend much time on this web page. There's a lot more bad things Trump has done. He is equally as evil as Joe Biden. Both are devils. Sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Donald Trump on winning the election Nov 8 2016:

donald trumps promise

Sounds good. But I'm used to empty promises when it comes to politicians and most people in general. Either way, it should be painfully obvious that we cannot trust in people to fix our problems. We need to trust in God and strive to obey His Word. That's all any of us can do, and it's actually a lot. So we remain focused as disciples/followers of Christ, seek God's will, and God's Word to be executed through us for the good of all mankind.

Here is a collection of articles on Donald Trump I found notable:

Donald Trump Groping Rudy Giuliani in Drag

Texas Catholic priest puts aborted fetus on altar to urge others to vote for Trump

October 16 2016: Donald Trump meets with Cardinal Timothy Dolan as he's pummeled by sex assault allegations from many women

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A Born-Again Donald Trump? Believe It, Evangelical Leader Says

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan shares ‘touching’ moment between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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How the Support of Catholics Helped Donald Trump’s Victory:

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simpsons tv show predicts trumps presidency

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