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    More Keith Green info to Consider

    To read Keith Green's excellent expose' on Rome click here

    Posted August, 2008. Article below, but I wanted to interject with a comment first. My Comment on the article by Pam Schuffert :

    I believe the article about Keith green has a lot of truth to it. But I don't think they killed him because of his Christian music like she says. I would think it was because Keith's devastating work exposing the Vatican called the"Catholic Chronicles". I put together another web page about Keith Green and have this article linked in it where you can read it online. Here is the link: Catholic Chronicles

    I believe they did kill him though. This writing of Green on the Roman Catholic church was incredibly damaging to Rome. Especially in this ecumenical push by Rome to "forgive and forget" the past and now join together as one,etc.

    Report # 2 6/29/01 / by Pam Schuffert Reporting from Tulsa, Ok USA
    "CIA Assassin Admits:" We Killed Keith Green!" (Christian Music Artist).

    Many have heard the songs of Christian Gospel singer-composer KEITH  GREEN in the late 1970's-early 1980. And those who loved his songs  and Christian witness also know that his private plane mysteriously  went down, killing him and all aboard. So popular were his lyrics  and music that they have continued to be sung and re-recorded by various  groups to this day. But most do NOT know the truth about HOW his plane  went down, and WHY. I know the truth. And the truth should be a sober wake-up call to  all Christians throughout America. It CAN happen here!

    In the mid 1990's I was invited Dunklin Memorial Camp in Okeechobee,  FL by Christian counselor Chuck Lakin of Archways Institute to lecture  on my research regarding SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY. Several other  lecturers were also invited, including a former CIA assassin who was  also a formerly powerful high priestess over a large region of America. (She  is now a Christian.)

    Following our series of lectures, we left the facility and I was invited  to this former CIA assassin's home. When we arrived, she began to  unexplainably cry. I asked her what was wrong. She looked at me with  tears and replied, "Do you think God could ever forgive me?"

    Puzzled, I asked, "For WHAT???"

    She said, "WE KILLED KEITH GREEN!" I was stunned. I asked her to explain  what she meant...

    "We Satanists held a tribunal in America and determined that KEITH  GREEN MUST DIE. Why? Because he was winning more young people to Jesus  Christ than our satanic heavy metal rock was winning to Satanism.  We decreed that therefore he must die..." she revealed.

    Continuing, she said, "I even know the special technique our people  used to rig his plane by night to ensure it would go down and that  no evidence would be found to indicate foul play." CIA assassins  are trained in fact to employ such techniques all the time.  And many assassins for the CIA are actual Satanists. The CIA knows  that they will not have a problem killing!

    The entire revelation stunned me momentarily. She then continued to  ask, "Can God Really forgive me for my part in his death?" 

    I looked at her and said, "You KNOW that Jesus Christ died on the 
    cross to forgive ALL sins... of course He can forgive you!" I then embraced  her as she continued to cry.

    It is said that "the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church," 
    in many countries where Christians are persecuted and martyred. And  Keith Green is no different. God took what Satan meant for evil and  turned it into good instead. Whereas many Christian singers of the  1970's are now long forgotten, Keith Green and his Christian witness  and songs continue to this very day! When I went to Israel to a Christian  hostel, I met a young man working there who admitted he had gotten  away from the Lord, BUT LISTENING TO A CD OF KEITH GREEN'S SONGS HELPED TO BRING HIM BACK TO THE LORD!

    These Satanists can kill the messenger, but they cannot kill THE MESSAGE! 
    And the message that Keith Green gave to the world is JESUS CHRIST  IS LORD! And God is using his songs to this very day to glorify His  holy name and to bring people to Jesus Christ.

    Yes, God has His martyrs, even in America. So don't think it can't 
    happen to even you. Are YOU prepared to give your life for the witness  of Jesus Christ...even as Cassie of Columbine High School in Colorado  did? Or Keith Green? Think about it...

    Pam Schuffert, from SATANISM IN AMERICA TODAY