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There's a lot of good people in the SDA church but they're on false doctrine and study the writings of Ellen G White too much. Many of them have contacted me and push their Sabbath Doctrine. I believe that once a man becomes a Christian that man has entered into the sabbath for the rest of his life. This is what happens when a man is saved. He "rests" from his own works and Jesus works through them. (Matt 11:28)

The way SDA members operate shows they are just another sect like Mormonism or Jehovah's witnesses. Not only do they share some of the same heresies as the Jehovah's witnesses but I found out that there is a real connection between the SDA Church and Jehovah's witness founder Charles Taze Russell who was a Freemason.

You will often hear an SDA member state doctrines about hell that are complete heresy. they also believe in another strange, man made doctrine called "Soul Sleep". Here's a Audio Message i did about the SDA "church".

I've gone around and around debating with dozens of Adventists and I'm finished doing that so please don't send me an email trying to debate with me. I'll only ignore it.

"You won't be told at the SDA Seminars about the things they have in common with the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons.

SDA's share their early history with the Jehovah's Witnesses. An early Adventist, N. H. Barbour co-published with Charles Taze Russell. They had a falling out over (what else?) dates for the end of the world! (1844 and 1874), and parted company.

Both, however, kept heretical doctrines to this day like Jesus being Michael the Archangel, the denial of Hell, and both still advocate soul sleep. Both invented invisible occurrences in heaven for their failed dates for Christ's visible return, investigative judgment for the SDA's and Christ's invisible "presence" for Jehovah's Witnesses.

Charles Taze Russell

There is Mormon link also for the SDA's. It is a proven fact that Ellen G. White plagiarized most of her writings. The Church has been challenged by Walter Rea, author of the White Lie to prove that even 20% of her writings are original. They can't. Their weak defense was that there were no copyright laws in Ellen's day, so what she did was legal. You will never be told of her plagiarism by the SDA's.

As Ellen was rising to prominence, Joseph Smith had just died. Her writings contain many phrases used by Joseph Smith. Mind you, he has also been accused of plagiarism. I have a thick file of similarities, but time does not permit details at this time, but it does illustrate just how far her "borrowing" went. You will definitely not be told of her similarities to Joseph Smith at the Seminars!" ~Source

Charles Taze Russell's Gravesite (The pyramid is for him) ~Source
(Behind his grave is the Greater Pittsburgh Masonic Center)

"Ellen G. White subjects the Bible to the scrutiny of her "Testimonies" through the agent of her own self-proclaimed authority, supposedly given by God. By what reason should a person accept the self-proclaimed words of Ellen G. White over those of the Mormon, Joseph Smith, or the Jehovah's Witness, Charles Taze Russell, or the Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy? All of them claimed to have received revelations from God, were self-proclaimed prophets, and all of them presented no credentials to verify their claims and all contradicted one another. Someone had to be wrong, and based on their track record of prophecies, it appears they were all wrong." ~Source

Seventh Day Adventist Documentary Plus Commentary By me

This video shows that Ellen G White was a false Prophet and a plagiarist. According to this video, Ellen G White didnt even write "the Great Controversy" herself.

Ellen G White has an Obelisk at her grave site. An Obelisk is symbolic of an erect penis and it is masonic and satanic.

"The Ancient Romans were strongly influenced by the obelisk form, to the extent that there are now more than twice as many obelisks standing in Rome as remain in Egypt. All fell after the Roman period except for the Vatican obelisk and were re-erected in different locations.

The tallest Egyptian obelisk graces the square in front of the Lateran Basilica in Rome."

SDA Leaders Meet with Pope


"Beach's encounter with the Roman Pontiff came as a  member
of the Christian World Communions, and following a special
luncheon at the Vatican." Review Nov. 8, 2001 [Note:  The
Seventh-day Adventist church is the member, not Beach
individually.  Beach was representing the Adventist church.]

General conference representative Bert B. Beach, was sent as a representative of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, the "world church," to meet with the pope.  The SDA conference choose to be partners with the man of sin. 

Conference calls pope "your holiness"

St. Louis television broadcasts the SDA church calling the pope, "your holiness(!)" then meeting the "man of sin" and presenting him with a gift.

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